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  1. Daimler DS420 In Ivory
    Daimler DS420 In Ivory
  2. Audi A6 S-Line
    Audi A6 S-Line
  3. Chevrolet In Ivory/Gold
    Chevrolet In Ivory/Gold
  4. Studebaker In Ivory/Blue
    Studebaker In Ivory/Blue
  5. Beauford with Red Roof
    Beauford with Red Roof
  6. Beauford with Black roof
    Beauford with Black roof
  7. Beauford with Navy Roof
    Beauford with Navy Roof
  8. Rolls Royce Silver Shadow
    Rolls Royce Silver Shadow
  9. Daimler DS420 In Ivory/Blue
    Daimler DS420 In Ivory/Blue
  10. Mercedes 7 seater
    Mercedes 7 seater
  11. Chrysler 300c
    Chrysler 300c